ZEIT für die Schule
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Content, Goals and Competition:

The following lessons will be about education that meets students’ needs. The overall learning objectives will provide your learners with the following applicable skills:

  • Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of an educational model built around the Four Cs of 21st century learning (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity)
  • Recognition of what sets the Four Cs apart from VUCA and other business paradigms
  • Evaluation of the learning that is currently happening at school
  • Appreciation of 21st century learning

The teaching goals refer to the Kompetenzen in der digitalen Welt of the Kultusministerkonferenz, especially the following criteria: 1.1 (Suchen und Filtern), 1.2 (Auswerten und Bewerten), and 6.1 (Medien analysieren und bewerten).

November 2021

Education that meets students‘ needs